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Static Website Designing

A static website is the simplest way to show your product or business over the internet. It is the easiest type of website to set up, but making changes to static websites require web programming knowledge. Static web design is best suited for sites that will not require updates often.

Static website is also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites and usually serves with an online demonstration thus enabling us to persuade the prospective customers to purchase products or services. This type of website is suitable for those who need to constitute their web presence or just use it as a basis of intermediation to establish contact with the clients.

Dynamic Website Designing

A website can be dynamic or static. Static website contains data that does not change; it remains same or static for the user view. Dynamic website contains information that changes based on the user of the site, time zone, and native language of the country is in or many other factors.

Dynamic website provides eye catching look with the help of innovative graphic, easy navigation tools are more user friendly, and dynamic sites are often database-driven. Moreover, the sites now made are powerful, more involved about selling their products and creating it entertaining for the customer by offering options such as live conversations, video clips, innovative design and many other things.

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