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PPC Campaign Management Services

PPC Program involves managing ad campaigns, selecting the right keywords and the right bid to ensure not only a high click rate but one that ensures high conversions rate also, understanding the needs of the visitor, translating the same, deciding the landing pages and much more. The design, development and management of the campaign hold the key to its success.

Benefits of PPC

Features- 1) Flexible, 2) Cost Effective, 3) Low Risk, 4) Definite

Speed: you can achieve Instant Rankings.
Position Control: You can achieve whichever position you want.
Branding: you can have attractive descriptions in your ads.
Instant Updates: Keywords can be deleted added or updated instantly.
Insurance: you are protected against any SEO Algo changes.
Analytics: ROI, Cost per lead and acquisition can be calculated.
Planning: very useful in planning pre launch work volumes.
Product launches: new products can be advertised instantly with PPC Ranking on Competitive terms can be achieved instantly.
No architectural changes required for Search Engine Unfriendly sites Rapid adaptation capability- breaking news, seasonal sales etc.
Targeting specific geography, languages etc.
Most Common Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN

Standard PPC Charges and Budgets

Monthly Fees:

There are three type of plan in

  1. PPC Outsourcing: Charges will we INR 40,000.00 for Setup unlimited campaign, Ad copy writing, research keywords, Monthly reports, ad copy optimizing, budget Optimization and Call Flow Management. We will run the campaign for your centre according to the US time Zone through single adwords account

  2. Unlimited Campaign Design & Support: Rs.35,000/Month for Setup unlimited campaign, Ad copy writing, research keywords, ad copy optimizing, budget Optimization. But here client need to run the campaign

  3. Single Campaign Design: Charges will be INR Rs. 30,000/Campaign adn One time Optimization, Eg: Hotmail, Gmail, Avast, Norton, Belkin Campaign, Or D-link Campaign Including One Time Optimization.

Note- Project starts after payment has been received and all the required information, documents and artwork have been delivered to us.


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